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It can be a trickle or a flood, drop from the clouds atop or spring forth from wells beneath, be contained in an urn or stretch across boundless oceans, can jounce and splash as a mountain river or flow calm and serene as the vast Ganges. It is water, the life-blood of life, the soul of the living and possibly the non-living too. Our bodies are three quarters water and so is the surface of our living planet. Nothing, apart from air and sunlight, so dominates the structure and integrity of life as does water.  

Water is life itself and its purity is of paramount importance. Suspended impurities, dissolved solids and salts, pathogens and micro-organisms harmful to our bodies and other elements that affect its taste need to be safely and surely removed from water meant for drinking. And no system does this better than a modern, well-designed and constructed Reverse Osmosis based Water Purification system and jar filling machines.

We, at MaClean Equipments are ever concerned about the need to attain high levels of purification in drinking water and have attained the required technical expertise and production facilities needed to produce reliable and high quality RO based Water Purifying Units for a variety of household, commercial, office and industrial needs. We have the requisite Research and Development resources, which when linked to our expertise in metal fabrication, grants us with limitless possibilities of producing RO based Water Purification systems tailored to just your needs. Having a decade-long history of fabricating Process Components, SS/MS Storage Tanks, Pressure Boosting Systems, Water Softeners and DM Plants for the Food Processing and Allied Industries, our team of skilled and dedicated Engineers and Technicians makes us ideally equipped to develop and install systems built to specifications and with dependable reliability

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